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What is GoldPay

GoldPay is an Offline Bank payment method for those who use Korea bank transfer

GoldPay helps businesses collect payments faster and more smoothly and makes the reconciliation process a breeze.

Reason to use GoldPay

GoldPay issue a unique bank account for each user.

GoldPay can only deposit money from the registered account. so merchant can avoid from third-party fraud.


We aim to be 10 times better than the market leaders by applying groundbreaking technology and hiring the smartest personal available in the business process outsourcing industry


We are dedicated to provide our clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction by delivering innovative solutions and exceptional services.

Our Team

A team of highly trained, multi-level, problem-solving personnel who operate 24/7 to help your customers get the most out of your business. This team has so much more than first level support using both technical and data understanding to get to the bottom of the problem

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